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  • hippo honk!

    The other day at Starbucks I ordered a to-go grande half-caf soy no-whip pumpkin spice latte. YOW! Am I GENTRIFIED yet? That said, I really like their pumpkin spice lattes. Like everything else “pumpkin-flavoured” they taste of cinnamon and allspice, not pumpkin, but that’s fine because it tastes like pumpkin pie. Candice likes their maple […]

  • I dug me a hole

    Few things: There are multiple vendors of train simulators. You know how you can buy semirealistic controls that clip on your desk for flying flight simulators? Well, train simulator enthusiasts don’t have to feel left out. You know how sometimes you see on Slashdot or wherever a post about some guy who has recreated a […]

  • Sushi redux

    Re my earlier post about sushi manners: Never mind!

  • Please enjoy this helpful instructional video

    Going to Japan? Afraid you’ll offend your hosts by not knowing proper manners? Learn the proper way to go out for sushi with this video.

  • Help me understand my coffee grinder

    I bought a burr coffee grinder today. It’s not a conical burr, so it’s sort of entry-level. It seems to grind coffee consistently even though you can’t quite get a powdery espresso grind out of it, although part of the problem might be that I’m grinding some older beans that we froze a while ago […]

  • I need <lj user=”substitute”>’s NO icon.

    Creme Brulée from your friends at Kraft Foods.

  • Commercial flops

    Substitute drew my attention to this entry from Nihilistic_kid. (Go and read the story about the envelope guy.) I could tell from the story that Sierra Mist was some kind of pop, but I’d never heard of it, so I went over to Wikipedia to look it up. It turns out I’d never heard of […]

  • I can spell banana, but I don’t know when to stop.

    Check out the goodness that is one banana: Man, that’s some good stuff. I really need more bananas, less Corn Pops. I was also relieved to find that they are not going extinct. Did you know bananas are herbs? The organic food store near us sells baby bananas. I haven’t tried one yet, but I […]