I dug me a hole

Few things:

  • There are multiple vendors of train simulators.
  • You know how you can buy semirealistic controls that clip on your desk for flying flight simulators? Well, train simulator enthusiasts don’t have to feel left out.
  • You know how sometimes you see on Slashdot or wherever a post about some guy who has recreated a 747 cockpit in his basement for a flight simulator? Well, train simulator enthusiasts don’t have to feel left out.
  • Have any of you tried a train simulator? I can’t imagine. It’s bad enough knowing that some people fly autopilot-navigated cross-Atlantic flights in flight simulators.
  • What’s dorkier than a train simulator? Backhoe simulator! (Requires Shockwave Player. Don’t try that link if you need your other browser windows/tabs; it works about 75% of the time for me, and crashes the browser 25%.)
  • Uncle Mark’s Gift Guide and Almanac (PDF linked from that page; obviously it was really important for him to have exactly that font) is quite possibly the best example of MIT Syndrome that I have ever seen.
  • Tim Hortons is now advertising “Hot Smoothees” [sic]. I can’t figure out exactly what’s in them and I’m kind of glad.

7 responses to “I dug me a hole”

  1. You totally beat me to the “hot smoothie” story.
    I don’t usually report on beverages I don’t drink, but…. hot smoothie?

  2. Hot Smoothee! I don’t think I could bring myself to drink them. I figure at best they’re to a Creme Frappucino as a Tim Horton’s spray-cappucino is to a real one.

  3. Thank God that guy was there to tell me how to walk. Otherwise I don’t know what I would have been able to do.

    Also, I’m a great fan of his “keep an umbrella handy in case it rains” advice. Bravo!