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  • Awesome Pontiac ad

    This ad is awesome. (Shame it’s for the G8.) (Via everyone and their dog, it seems. I think I saw it first on BoingBoing Gadgets.)

  • Never trust anyone under 30

    So as of yesterday I’m in decade number 3. I thought that turning 30 would feel weird, like a loss of freedom or the extra weight of adult responsibility, but while I do sort of feel that I’ve lost an excuse, things feel alright. Much of that is my father’s doing — my parents separated […]

  • I dug me a hole

    Few things: There are multiple vendors of train simulators. You know how you can buy semirealistic controls that clip on your desk for flying flight simulators? Well, train simulator enthusiasts don’t have to feel left out. You know how sometimes you see on Slashdot or wherever a post about some guy who has recreated a […]

  • up up down down left right left right a b a b wtf

    Nintendo’s controller for their next-generation console, the Revolution, appears to be a remote control. With an analog stick on a dangly spleen. While I am glad that the last thirty years of innovation has led to the inclusion of a power button on the controller (why was this hard?) I’m having a hard time getting […]

  • Confused about MotoGP 3

    Anyone know the deal with Namco’s MotoGP 3 for the PS2 (not to be confused with THQ’s MotoGP 3 for Xbox and PC)? It’s available new on Amazon Japan for ¥7,140 (~$US 65), but only from third-party sellers on Amazon US starting around $US 50, and is on Amazon UK for £9.99 (~$US 17) from […]

  • Evil turtle

    According to this CNN article this turtle has the image of Satan on his shell: but I think someone’s a bit confused, because it’s clear to me what’s on that turtle shell: Yoshi! Of course, there’s the possibility that we’re both right…