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Mutt is a Unix mail user agent for experts. I switched to Mutt from Pine quite some time ago, and haven’t turned back since; even then, I still keep discovering new and useful features in Mutt. I’ll leave you to find your way to Mutt’s home page to find out how great Mutt is; what’s here is some little bits I’ve put together, along with the requisite Useful Links.

My Mutt Stuff

  • Here’s my .muttrc file.

  • This Perl program, muttph, lets
    you query a PH server for email addresses. There are a handful more on Brandon Long’s mutt page, but none of them did what I wanted elegantly.

  • If you use the WMMail WindowMaker mail-notification dock app, then you can use these icons to display an animated running dog just like the one above, whenever you get new mail.

  • Occasionally people complain that they don’t want to run sendmail just to send mail with mutt. Those that don’t grok the idea that sendmail doesn’t need to run as a daemon to send mail can use this short Perl program as their local MTA. The brighter ones just install ssmtp, which is a send-only sendmail replacement.

  • When I run mutt, it looks like this.

Other Mutt Stuff

  • “All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less,” says Mutt’s author. Find out why.


  • And RTFM!

  • Sven Guckes is a Mutt

  • Felix Leitner is also a Mutt
    , and maintains the FAQ, which you’ve already read,

  • Experience the Mutt community yourself:

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