SME Server

After their purchase of e-smith, I was a systems administrator with the Network Server Solutions Group of Mitel Networks. Our group’s primary product was SME Server with ServiceLink, a small-office web, mail, print, and file server with a handful of centrally-provided Internet services.

Naturally, I also use SME Server heavily, both at work and at home, and below you’ll find all of the development, packaging, and documentation that I’ve put together that isn’t in the product itself.

If you’d like to run SME Server yourself — and I’d encourage giving it a try, even if only to add to your arsenal of ways to replace Windows with Linux — Mitel offers an open-source version without ServiceLink. Downloads and documentation can be found at the open-source SME Server developers’ website.

HOWTOs and documentation

Using a Serial Console with SME Server

[5.1.2, 5.5] Since the SME Server doesn’t do anything graphical at console, it doesn’t need a video card. If you’re like me and have more spare terminals than spare VGA monitors, you can use one as your server console.

Packaged Software

RT (Request Tracker) helpdesk system

[5.1.2, 5.5] A preliminary take on packaging up Jesse Vincent’s excellent Request Tracker for use on an SME Server, based on NSSG’s internal installation of RT. Please read the README file, and note that I provide no support for these RPMs. In future, I hope to package these up nicely, but it’s not future yet.