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  • Corn rationing

    I went to grab a sandwich at the Loeb grocery store down the street from work at lunch today, and they had a sign up on the door which got me thinking about economics and the practical matters of selling produce. The sign said, roughly: Due to unforeseen circumstances, we must limit corn purchases to […]

  • Erin go blargh

    Happy St. Patrick’s day! Candice and I had planned on celebrating with a pint and some Irish stew tonight, but we checked out all of the meat shops in the market and none of them had any setter. So instead we’re going to have a traditional Irish dinner of no potatoes. (I didn’t even wear […]

  • I think I’ve got this Costco thing figured out

    I went back to Costco last night (alone, Candice was working), and left with a cartful of things, none of which I got home and went “What was I thinking?”, so I think it went well. Most of the stuff I bought was stuff we always buy right away when we’ve run out, which I […]

  • Costco for dummies

    Candice and I went to Costco today and picked up a membership. We forced ourselves to only look around on our first trip, lest we accidentally come home with a new TV or something. It’s pretty much what I expected, with a bit more grocery and a bit less other stuff. One thing I have […]

  • Bourdain on the Food Network

    Anthony Bourdain guest-blogs about the Food Network on Ruhlman. (Anthony Bourdain does not much like the Food Network.) [via iggy.]

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  • Definitely not my parents’ realtor, since my parents’ realtor just sells houses

    There’s a realtor in our area which advertises regularly in the local alt-weeklies and magazines as “Kiki, Not Your Parents’ Realtor”, with the little sketch you see to the right there. As hackneyed as that sounds, I liked the sentiment behind it, and her ads did seem to be unlike your typical realtor’s WE SELL […]

  • I have a new food blog!

    Candice and I realized recently that we spend an awful lot of time and energy on things food-related: reading and talking about food and wine and restaurants, trying local restaurants, cooking, baking, looking for local merchants, shopping for wine, and so forth, and that there’s a dearth of people talking about food in Ottawa even […]