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  • More product labeling fun

    After yesterday’s Mountain Dew natural health product, a few more product labelling and marketing gems: The Great Canadian Superstore grocery store near us has bright yellow Unbeatable! signs by the staple foods that they guarantee the best price in town on. One of these was eggs, and their Unbeatable! EGGS sign was up for at […]

  • Mountain Dew Energy

    Until this year, Mountain Dew in Canada has contained no caffeine. Americans typically have a hard time understanding this, and reasonably so, and people wonder why we’d drink it at all (the answer, of course, is “we were 12, and it’s full of sugar”). There is some legal reason that Mountain Dew doesn’t contain caffeine […]

  • bored with a knife

    Candice asked me to cut up a pepper.

  • iiiiiit’s NOODLES!

    Three points in re noodles: The ramen-style noodles I’m having for dinner have the following ingredients: Wheat flour, water, lye, vegetable oil. One of these things is not like the others. I feel all clean inside! On the same package I am instructed to “Put the noodle into boiling water, to simmer 2 minutes the […]

  • I think I’ll pass

    Nyxie and I are sitting on the patio at Pub Italia, our favorite local beer-lover’s pub. I’ve mentioned the honesty of the beer descriptions here before, but wanted to share a few: Crest Super Lager (England) – “This beer is only suitable for purchase for somebody that you really don’t like” Faxe (Denmark) – “This […]

  • I bet everyone else already knew this

    I just realized that the name of “Silk” soymilk is not only short for Soy Milk but is also a pun on the French word for silk, “soie” (which is pronounced “swah” — rhymes with “roi” and “quoi” — but which would sound like “soy” with English pronunciation rules).

  • Catching up

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so here’s a quick overview of what you’ve missed! Candice and I found a place to have our wedding and set a date, only to find that there was a good chance that the Ontario massage therapy regulatory organization would be moving her professional exam to a conflicting […]

  • Scanner’s working, so…

    Got my scanner working again, so here’s a couple of things I’ve been meaning to scan for a while. President’s Choice named their Ritz-alike crackers after Candice and I: And this is a skateboard-safety pamphlet that Health and Safety was distributing at work. Have they made skateboards like that in the last thirty years? Don’t […]