Scanner’s working, so…

Got my scanner working again, so here’s a couple of things I’ve been
meaning to scan for a while. President’s Choice named their Ritz-alike
crackers after Candice and I:

And this is a skateboard-safety pamphlet that Health and Safety was
distributing at work. Have they made skateboards like that in the last
thirty years? Don’t forget your helmet:

8 responses to “Scanner’s working, so…”

  1. For some reason, I would have expected you to use “conservative” (“old fogey”?) grammar on your pronouns and to write “… after Candice and me”.

  2. Health and Safety gets all sorts of pamphlets and such from provincial agencies, which all get put out on a rack by the cafeteria door. The summer brings all sorts of summer-safety forms like you’d find in a school, so I imagine they’re trying to target parents.