I bet everyone else already knew this

I just realized that the name of “Silk” soymilk is not only short for Soy Milk but is also a pun on the French word for silk, “soie” (which is pronounced “swah” — rhymes with “roi” and “quoi” — but which would sound like “soy” with English pronunciation rules).

6 responses to “I bet everyone else already knew this”

  1. I did not know that. But we’re a Soy Dream family ourselves, so I must say that I haven’t spent much time gazing at a Silk carton. (Plus, I know barely enough French to sing Frere Jacques.)

  2. Hey, I didn’t know that. Though I bet I would’ve figured out the “Soy mILK” bit if I’d ever bought any and stared at the carton over breakfast. Probably wouldn’t have got the French thing unless they make the pun on the carton somehow.

  3. Ha! I’d never thought of that. I just figured it was S(oy) + (m)ILK, and hey, silk is SMOOTH and DESIRABLE, don’t you want to drink some?