I can spell banana, but I don’t know when to stop.

Check out the goodness that is one banana:

Man, that’s some good stuff. I really need more bananas, less Corn Pops. I was also relieved to find that they are not going extinct. Did you know bananas are herbs? The organic food store near us sells baby bananas. I haven’t tried one yet, but I think I’ll get a bunch next time I’m there.

(Blame mefi).

12 responses to “I can spell banana, but I don’t know when to stop.”

  1. The choice banana variety has already gone extinct once already, which is why we use Cavendishes now (they are supposed to be quite a bit inferior to the old ones.) There’s some disagreement over how likely it is to happen to the Cavendish, but if it does, there aren’t a lot of choices left among the other 299 varieties that are suitable for growing en masse for global export.

    Some of them apparently taste a hell of a lot better than Cavendishes, but are just too delicate to make the trip. Makes me want to visit Brazil..

    There’s a lot of work going on to produce new varieties for both genetic diversity and novelty.

  2. I wonder what percentage of the RDA of magnesium bananas provide? After all, that’s one thing they’re kind of known for in the circles I travel in.

  3. Precision, probably. I see a couple of pages suggesting 0.1-0.3 g fat. It’s just a big yellow carb stick! It’s the anti-butter!

  4. Those mini-bananananananagkfsdui things are really tasty. They’re also the only kind of sweet ones available in Vanuatu. If you’re feeling really adventurous, though, try oven-roasting plantains with a slightly savoury seasoning. YUMMMMMM.

  5. OMG — 11% daily potassium. You mean, I have to eat ten of these yellow phalluses to get 100% of my daily potassium, every day?

    If I hate that many a day, I don’t know if I’d want to be alive for very long. Yow.