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Right now in Ottawa the temperature is -24 C (-11 F), but with the windchill it’s -38 C (-37 F). On the other hand, in Alert, Nunavut, it’s -20 C with no windchill. Maybe I should move up to Alert where it’s warm.

the people at our local coffeehouse are weird

i’m from the future Uploaded by mendel on 24 Dec ’06, 4.11pm EST.

When it rains, it pours

For ages there has been almost no interesting tours coming through Ottawa — or at least I didn’t notice them until it was too late, mostly because we were so busy with wedding stuff. But now… Tomorrow:French Kicks at Babylon October 9:New Pornographers at the Capital Music Hall October 28:Death Cab for Cutie at the […]

Definitely not my parents’ realtor, since my parents’ realtor just sells houses

There’s a realtor in our area which advertises regularly in the local alt-weeklies and magazines as “Kiki, Not Your Parents’ Realtor”, with the little sketch you see to the right there. As hackneyed as that sounds, I liked the sentiment behind it, and her ads did seem to be unlike your typical realtor’s WE SELL […]

Wedding photos!

Candice and Rich Originally uploaded by mendel. We received our DVD of photos from our wedding photographer earlier this week, and last night I finally finished uploading about 1/3 of them (just over 400 in total) to Flickr. Clicking on the image above will take you to the first of four sets, but you probably […]

You can get both kinds

You can get both kinds Originally uploaded by mendel. I’ve been meaning to take a picture of this tailor’s storefront in Hintonburg for ages. I think you have to pay more for the fine-quality ones.

Canada Day, and new toy!

Candice and I have a new camera! We both had old 3-megapixel digital cameras from a while ago, but Candice‘s HP Photosmart 715 is sort of big and clunky, and my Olympus C-3040 uses SmartMedia memory which is hard to find. We decided we might as well get something better to take to Paris, so […]

they’re invading our malls

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a chain of stores that let you build your own teddy bear — you pick how stuffed it is, what it wears, its name, that sort of thing. One just opened in the Bayshore Shopping Centre in the west end, so they had a little feature story on the local A Channel […]