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  • I have a new food blog!

    Candice and I realized recently that we spend an awful lot of time and energy on things food-related: reading and talking about food and wine and restaurants, trying local restaurants, cooking, baking, looking for local merchants, shopping for wine, and so forth, and that there’s a dearth of people talking about food in Ottawa even […]

  • truth in advertising

    A wet wipe that came with nachos at the Heart and Crown in the Byward Market the other day:

  • How not to establish your business

    Got mail today from an address I didn’t recognize with the subject “Wedding Photos”. We’re planning a wedding so I figured it might be something relevant, especially since it was a big (4MB) message. Nope. Some local startup wedding photographers decided the best way to get business would be to scrape the addresses of local […]

  • time for some quick visuals

    Why I tend to ride in Quebec rather than Ontario: Ontario country roads Quebec country roads

  • Great ride through Wakefield today!

    It was beautiful out today (high of 27°C, humidex only around 32°C — yesterday saw 32 and 42 respectively) and I had today off so I took to the road on my longest ride yet: up through Gatineau Park, across to Highway 105 at Chelsea or so, north to the River Road to Wakefield, QC, […]

  • I think I’ll pass

    Nyxie and I are sitting on the patio at Pub Italia, our favorite local beer-lover’s pub. I’ve mentioned the honesty of the beer descriptions here before, but wanted to share a few: Crest Super Lager (England) – “This beer is only suitable for purchase for somebody that you really don’t like” Faxe (Denmark) – “This […]

  • Hitting the streets

    I now own an insured, plated, roadworthy motorcycle! The previous owner dropped off the bike on Friday night, and since I managed to work out insurance Friday afternoon I was able to swing by Drivers and Licenses on Saturday to get the ownership changed over and pick up plates. One of the things D&L provides […]

  • Fun with Google Maps

    So Google Maps now has a satellite mode. Now, Americans have had various access to satellite imagery for a while, through Terraserver and related sites, but good high-resolution coverage of Canada other than Toronto is pretty rare. But Google has high-res imagery for Ottawa and Montreal, and medium-res for most of Ontario, so here are […]