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  • Maybe they should call in the army…

    Maybe they should call in the army.

  • Last night in Ottawa

    12 hours from now the movers arrive. 24 hours from now Candice and I live in Toronto. Packing’s done except for stuff that gets packed as we go to bed. The apartment’s cleaned except for vacuuming and mopping the floors, which we can’t do until the movers move all of our stuff. The movers show […]

  • Yesterday, Candice and I went to the Superstore to use their Coinstar…

    Yesterday, Candice and I went to the Superstore to use their Coinstar machine, working our way through the decade backlog of jars of change we’ve accumulated. On the way in, we passed a panhandler. Asking for spare change. While both of us had our arms filled with jars of change. And then the Coinstar machine […]

  • Hello, woodpecker.

    Pileated woodpecker on a phone pole Originally uploaded by mendel I meant to post this ages ago, but forgot, and only remembered when I was pulling the FreshBooks Festivus pictures off of my phone. I was walking along a street near Bridgehead in Hintonburg in early December and heard a CLONK CLONK CLONK CLONK right […]

  • Dogs and cats, sleeping together!

    So there’s some snow coming. Toronto’s looking at 15-25 cm (about a foot) of snow and ice pellets, Ottawa’s got 45-60 cm (about two feet) of snow coming, and I was planning on driving from Ottawa to Toronto tomorrow night. Awesome. But what the snow does mean is that Environment Canada’s forecasters get to write […]

  • YOW! Are we having FUN yet?

    Today’s Zippy the Pinhead comic just made my day: I’ve seen that airport bus around town and every time I do I think “I should take a picture of that and send it to Bill Griffith”. And I guess someone (who is not me) finally did!

  • I expect better from the CBC.

    RCMP horses end 30 years of roaming on Parliament Hill Mounties on horseback have stopped clip-clopping about Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, quietly ending a 30-year-old Canadian tradition.[…] She added the decision was made after the RCMP’s musical ride staff realized that the public is not as accustomed to horses as it was three decades ago, when […]

  • That is not what you do at a White Stripes show

    Ah, CBC: When Bluesfest kicked off at Lebreton Flats on July 4, organizers allocated space for people who brought their own chairs and wanted to stay seated. But on Sunday, during the White Stripes performance, the area was flooded with boogying fans, and organizers realized police would be needed to keep the area lawn-chairs-only throughout […]

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