Right now in Ottawa the temperature is -24 C (-11 F), but with the windchill it’s -38 C (-37 F). On the other hand, in Alert, Nunavut, it’s -20 C with no windchill. Maybe I should move up to Alert where it’s warm.

4 responses to “brrrrrr”

  1. we’ve had two days of 80+f but we’re going back down to the 60s this week, with rain. we’ve had 90+ and then down to the 30’s in the same week. how can weather change so drastically overnight?!

    i cannot imagine minus degree weather. :D

  2. I’ll never forget landing in Pond Inlet one morning. The air was crystalline and a little brisk at -33 degrees C. I had some time before our meeting with the council started, so I took a walk. I passed a group of people sitting outside(!) and said good morning to them.

    “It’s a beautiful day,” said a woman in the group with a wide smile.

    “It is,” I replied.

    “I’m so happy Spring is here,” she exclaimed, and returned to her conversation.