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  • It’s not you, it’s your apartment.

    From today’s New York Times: It’s Not You, It’s Your Apartment. Although I suspect that in some of those cases it is not just the apartment that is the problem. [via Joey]

  • Good shopping day

    I’ve been off work all week, and while I had a giant pile of things to get done, I’ve mostly ignored it. Part of that was because I managed to come down with a cold and exhibit poor judgment — Candice and I were craving Starbucks at 10 pm one night and we forgot to […]

  • Erin go blargh

    Happy St. Patrick’s day! Candice and I had planned on celebrating with a pint and some Irish stew tonight, but we checked out all of the meat shops in the market and none of them had any setter. So instead we’re going to have a traditional Irish dinner of no potatoes. (I didn’t even wear […]

  • In the (red)

    Turns out that buying a t-shirt and an iPod might not be helping Africa much after all: Project (RED) has only pulled in $18M in donations for $100M of marketing outlay in its first year. (RED)’s CEO responds: It’s never been a charity! It’s not about the money, it’s about the exposure! The first seven […]

  • I could store them in a trunk

    If I was a size 10.5 I would seriously consider bidding on these shoes. (Alas, 11.)

  • Yay boxing-day sales!

    For all I write about clothing, I’ve been sort of flailing around myself lately without a good sense of my own style. I did a bit of a jump from polo and jeans to smart business casual a while ago, and I think I jumped too far, because while I was still looking presentable I […]

  • Technically there are no pedants behind you.

    Pet peeve time. This is a button-down, because the collar buttons down: This, despite having buttons down the front, is not a button-down: I know I’ve already lost this one — and I’d go so far as to say that “button-down” simply means something else to your average under-30 — but it’s a useful distinction […]

  • it’s the best kind

    From tonight’s ground turkey, both disturbing and promising all at once: Soon it will become turk-cos. Also, yesterday I bought jeans that were a 34 instead of a 36 waist. To celebrate this I am being a dork and posting to styleforum’s What Are You Wearing Now thread, which is also sort of a styleforum […]