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  • Model Citizen

    Candice and I reacted to the TTC strike this weekend by going for a “little walk down College” that ended up at Kensington Market, where I found a little shop called Model Citizen. Owner Julian Finkel sells hand-screenprinted T-shirts as well as screenprinted and appliqued waistcoasts, sportcoats, ties, and hats for men, and a few […]

  • The Madness of Mission 6

    I’m not usually a big fan of Threadless, at least not in the last couple of years, but this one’s too great not to point out: The Madness of Mission 6. The backstory, from the creator’s submission entry: In 1976, Cosmonaut Nikolai Peckmann was sent alone to an orbiting space station for what would be […]

  • Oot and a boot

    New Sorels Originally uploaded by mendel I bought boots today! Sorel’s 1964 re-issues. I wanted winter boots that I could tuck jeans into that didn’t look like I was going on an Arctic expedition, and I liked these because they don’t look like modern high-tech winter boots. I figure they’re anti-fashion enough to be hip. […]

  • Speaking of scarves

    Speaking of scarves, I meant to ask you guys something. If you saw someone who was obviously sort of fashionable wearing a keffiyeh as a scarf, like this: would you think that it was just a look, or would you think it was a pro-Palestinian statement? (And where do you live?)

  • lol its hipster

    Today’s purchase: American Apparel two-metres-of-cotton-jersey purple scarf. So simple but I love it! Thin enough to wear indoors and be The Guy That Wears A Scarf Indoors which is basically me in a nutshell. Does this look like an MBA student? No? Whaddya know. So now I need more of these scarves. Here’s the range […]

  • Oh, and

    Also, about my earlier post about expected dress: I was the only one with a tie today but I didn’t feel out of place. A couple had sportcoats, lots of polos and chinos, some jeans. I don’t think I could do jeans to class regularly. I need more non-ugly, non-$300 dress shoes though. Ebay Allen-Edmonds, […]

  • School clothes

    Sorry I haven’t posted in a while — I’ve been enjoying my unemployment! In school news, I now have a student line of credit for emergencies, and a new pair of pants. Trying to come up with a b-school wardrobe has been more work than I expected, half because of Ottawa’s dearth of menswear stores […]

  • The merits of shoe trees

    I bought new shoes this weekend! They’re nothing special, just a pair of cheap lightly-antiqued brogues from Aldo that I’ll wear with what’s becoming my typical work outfit of straight-leg raw jeans and a slim button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled way up. You can see how the thin leather’s already starting to crease a […]