lol its hipster

Today’s purchase: American Apparel two-metres-of-cotton-jersey purple scarf. So simple but I love it! Thin enough to wear indoors and be The Guy That Wears A Scarf Indoors which is basically me in a nutshell.

Does this look like an MBA student? No? Whaddya know.

So now I need more of these scarves. Here’s the range of colors. I think I want black, white, and the darker of these striped ones, but I’m open to suggestions too.

(Also: Love these jeans. Would you believe they’re from the Gap? “Morrison” slim-fit. I’m so glad I can finally wear slim-fit without looking like an inverted triangle — down to 180 lbs from >200, and a 34″ waist from a 36+. A few years ago that was 220 and a 38″, too. Yay!)

2 responses to “lol its hipster”

  1. Those are indeed awesome jeans, regardless of where they came from. :-)

    I just loaded the page and it came up at random traffic cone orange, so there’s my suggestion.