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  • Lockheed Martin has a Flickr account.

    Lockheed Martin has a Flickr account.

  • please don’t hurt the web

    From last night’s Firefox release party, taken by my coworker Myleen: I want one. Update: Another coworker, Taavi, points out that it’s also available as desktop wallpaper.

  • Gomez Man is angry

    (From a Flash presentation about Gomez‘s web monitoring service.)

  • One-stop shopping

  • CETMA Rack

    CETMA Rack on Flickr Here’s the rack I was talking about yesterday. Picked it up after work today, took 15 minutes to install. I still need to cut the fender back a bit but didn’t have anything handy to do it with. Also I can’t find my bungee net from the motorcycle, which means I […]

  • I just noticed that Candice set this as her…

    I just noticed that Candice set this as her FaceBook profile picture: I guess we’d better get this move over with quick before my wife becomes a pile of boxes like some modern wife of Lot.

  • Goings-on

    This morning’s double take: Last night before I left the office, I sent mail to a few coworkers and a few Toronto friends asking for recommendations for DSL and VOIP providers. This morning I had recommendations from a bunch of people I knew, and one person I didn’t. Why one person I didn’t? Because one […]

  • I clearly like chili.

    Rich likes chili Originally uploaded by nyxie Candice took this at Memories in the market this weekend. I couldn’t not post it. Om nom nom.