In the (red)

Turns out that buying a t-shirt and an iPod might not be helping Africa much after all: Project (RED) has only pulled in $18M in donations for $100M of marketing outlay in its first year. (RED)’s CEO responds: It’s never been a charity! It’s not about the money, it’s about the exposure! The first seven months don’t count!

4 responses to “In the (red)”

  1. Heh! That reeks of 1999 dot com.

    “It’s never been a profit-making enterprise! It’s about eyeballs and clickthroughs! The first 2 years don’t count! BUY BUY BUY!”

  2. holy moly ouch :( I just bought a (red) ipod too. nice to know the extra $10 I paid is going to pay back the marketing deficit.

  3. (Sorry about the delay in getting your comments moderated, folks — for some reason all of them got flagged by akismet.)

    David: Awesome!

    Pam: Well, your $10 did go to Global Whatever and they wouldn’t have had that $10 otherwise — it just cost a lot more than $10 to get it there, and they had planned to have a lot more!