Good shopping day

I’ve been off work all week, and while I had a giant pile of things to get done, I’ve mostly ignored it. Part of that was because I managed to come down with a cold and exhibit poor judgment — Candice and I were craving Starbucks at 10 pm one night and we forgot to order decaf, thus ruining that night’s sleep and the following day — and part because I’m just being lazy and flopping.

But not today! Today I went shopping.

Bought a couple of spandex-cotton polos from America, one brown and one light blue, two for $50; a couple of t-shirts from AA, one fuchsia to go under a black polo, the other army green; a mango, brie and coriander panini for lunch; and a chambray shirt (which that link inexplicably calls “denim”, but it’s not) on sale at the Gap for $20, one size down to keep it snug. I have to be careful washing that one, though. Tried on some gray jeans, which I want for the summer, but it’s too early in the season for me to have any judgment on whether or not it’s the right gray. They didn’t fit well anyhow.

I also picked up the latest Details to read over lunch. Details has been good lately, maybe just because the stuff I’m wearing and the stuff they’re showing intersect a bit more than usual, but also because they’ve been running some great articles about fashion don’ts that I’ve been meaning to share with you: last month’s Say No To Square-Toed Shoes, and this month’s Get Your Wallet Out Of Your Pocket. The PT Cruiser analogy in the shoes article is perfect.

Odd thing I noticed driving home today, tried to get a picture of, but failed because of the light changing before I had a chance: A dry cleaner downtown has a sign up that says “Support the Troops – Red Shirts Half Price”. Now, I know that the “red shirts” connection is that there is a thing going on lately in which people wear red on friday to somehow telekinetically support our troops in Afghanistan, even if half the people wearing red do think they’re in Iraq — but the only thing I can think of when I see all these mentions of “red shirts” is Star Trek, which is a bit off-message. 

5 responses to “Good shopping day”

  1. but the only thing I can think of when I see all these mentions of “red shirts” is Star Trek, which is a bit off-message.

    Oh, you’re rich. No, I mean it. Well, at least you’re Rich.

  2. In my wallet right now:
    Debit Card
    VISA (and other VISA, which I don’t really need to carry)
    Driver’s Licence
    CAA Card (which could theoretically be in the car)
    Health Card
    OHIP Card
    Work Insurance Card
    Air Miles Card
    Library Card
    Soccer Referee Registration

    Where the heck do I put all of that if I don’t have a wallet? I’m not necessarily against some sort of bag, except for the fact that that means carrying it around with me.

    But then, I fully understand that this is coming from a style magazine, and for me personally style is about 10 notches lower on the importance scale when matched against practicality. :D

  3. Fweebles: No, no, it’s not “don’t have a wallet”, it’s “don’t keep your wallet in your pants”. They aren’t kidding about back problems from a wallet!

    Although I do recommend having two wallets: one, a cardholder with the bare minimum of stuff you need everyday, carried with you, and another with all the other stuff, only taken when you need it.

    My everyday wallet is one of these, small enough to go in a front pocket, which forces me to carry very little in it: money, bus tickets, two business cards, and then four plastic cards: my health card, driver’s license, bank card, and one credit card. My other wallet, which either lives in my laptop bag, shoulder bag, or at home, has my Costco card, library card, MEC card, Rogers Video card, SIN card, and so on. I should really just keep the Costco card in the car, since I’ll never go to Costco without the car.

    (You have a separate health and OHIP card?)

  4. Er…by “health card”, I meant “group health insurance/drug card”. Which is different from my “Work Insurance card”, which is actually a…travel insurance card supplied by work? Too many different insurances.

    I will have to look into the two-wallet-solution though. My main source of inertia is wanting to keep the number of separate items I can possibly lose as small as possible, so if I can overcome that, then we’re golden.

  5. That’s easy to overcome: this way, when you lose one wallet, you only lose half of your ID and cards instead of all of them! Doubly so if you keep the high-risk ones in your “mostly stays at home” wallet, like your SIN card.