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  • My Amazon recommendations today are bizarre…

    My Amazon recommendations today are a bit weird, but difficult to argue with. Amazon.com has new recommendations for you based on items you purchased or told us you own. In this message: Perl Best Practices Essential System Administration Curling For Dummies How to Be a Canadian The Death and Life of Great American Cities Eats, […]

  • Modern Cat is a blog about cat accessories in modern and contemporary designs…

    Modern Cat is a blog about cat accessories in modern and contemporary designs. Spoil your cats without spoiling your chance at a Dwell cover!

  • Groceries in Toronto

    One great part about our neighbourhood here in Toronto is the number of grocery stores within walking distance. Within a couple of kilometers (a little over a mile) there’s five full-size supermarkets! We’ve had a chance to go to three of them so far and I’m excited about a fourth. View Larger Map Half a […]

  • SIP softphone?

    The Twitter lazyweb wasn’t enough for this one, so I’ll try here: I’ve got myself a SIP account with a Toronto DID, but the minutae of moving has prevented me from getting around to buying an ATA. But I’d like to, you know, answer the phone — can any of you recommend a decent free […]

  • Oot and a boot

    New Sorels Originally uploaded by mendel I bought boots today! Sorel’s 1964 re-issues. I wanted winter boots that I could tuck jeans into that didn’t look like I was going on an Arctic expedition, and I liked these because they don’t look like modern high-tech winter boots. I figure they’re anti-fashion enough to be hip. […]

  • New laptop

    The laptop fairy came last night! I’m now the proud owner of a refurbished Dell Latitude D410. I picked it up off of eBay from K-V Laptops in Toronto and they got it to me the next day. It looks brand-new save for a little scratch on the back of the lid. 1.89GHz Pentium M, […]

  • New bag for me!

    While I love my Timbuk2 laptop briefcase, it does have one problem: putting the laptop in the middle of the bag, while making the bag stable standing, means there is very little room on either side for stuff. It’s fine for going to work (although lunch in a tupperware container barely fits) but it wasn’t […]

  • The merits of shoe trees

    I bought new shoes this weekend! They’re nothing special, just a pair of cheap lightly-antiqued brogues from Aldo that I’ll wear with what’s becoming my typical work outfit of straight-leg raw jeans and a slim button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled way up. You can see how the thin leather’s already starting to crease a […]