SIP softphone?

The Twitter lazyweb wasn’t enough for this one, so I’ll try here: I’ve got myself a SIP account with a Toronto DID, but the minutae of moving has prevented me from getting around to buying an ATA. But I’d like to, you know, answer the phone — can any of you recommend a decent free Windows SIP softphone to hold me over?

(Incidentally, when I get around to it, I think I’m going to pick up an unlocked PAP2 with Sipura firmware from the most enthusiastic ATA seller I’ve ever seen.)

5 responses to “SIP softphone?”

  1. “decent” could be argued from a UI perspective, but X-Lite works, or an X-Pro variant if you can score one (they seem about the same to me.) It’s what Vonage provides, and it works with Asterisk and all that other jazz.

  2. We use both X-Lite and Eyebeam at work… Eyebeam is really only useful for if you want to be able to transfer calls. X-Lite is pretty good.

  3. pd: Because I used the word “lazyweb”, apparently. It struck me as a little odd that they’re grabbing “lazyweb” as well as “hoosgot” to import, but it’s not worth chasing down. Unfortunately, it kind of makes Hoosgot come across as yet another content-grabbing splog, so I kind of hope they reconsider on the “lazyweb” side.