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Going back to school means I need personal “business” cards. Much of b-school is networking, and if all goes well there will be a lot of people who wish to include me in their post-MBA business network.

I considered getting 4-color cards from a template at VistaPrint or some other web-based inexpensive-cards factory, but I think this is one of those places where it couldn’t hurt to do things right and set myself apart a bit from the crowd. So I’m going to get “real” cards printed at a local printer, using spot color and my own design.

Part of the problem of designing business cards is that there is the boring corporate style and there is the graphic designer style, and it’s hard to find something that balances the two appropriately. I thought about doing stamped cards but I’m not sure they’ll convey “nifty” rather than “cheap”.

Anyhow, I played around with a few designs (and Josh Zhixel contributed this) before ending up with this, my latest draft:

Business card (blog size)

The hook, so to speak, is that my name is contained within my email address. It’s not much but the line between hook and gimmick is subtle. I also tried it with blocks of color around the name bits but the descender screws things up a bit, and I think the name jumps even less with the color.

Maybe the back will be orange too, but I’m not sure it’s worth the extra cost. Regardless it’ll be on your standard matte business card stock.

Anyhow, what do you think?

(In case you’re curious or geeky in that way, it’s all Linotype Helvetica Neue: Bold Condensed for the orange bits, Thin Condensed for the rest of the email address, and Light for the bottom bit. Here’s what it looks like if I use normal width instead of condensed.)

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