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  • Country Style Donuts is offering free coffee…

    Country Style Donuts is offering free coffee in exchange for losing Tim Hortons “Roll up the rim to win!” contest cups. I love this promotion, and it’s a great example of the things you can do when you’re a little smaller and faster than the segment leader. And they’re running their own roll-up-the-rim contest at […]

  • Yep.

    Paul Graham: How can I avoid turning into a pointy-haired boss? The pointy-haired boss is a manager who doesn’t program. So the surest way to avoid becoming him is to stay a programmer. What tempts programmers to become managers are companies with old-fashioned corporate structure, where the only way to advance in salary and prestige […]

  • Hello, Marketing? MARKETING?

    Hello, Marketing? MARKETING? [via mefi]

  • business cards

    Going back to school means I need personal “business” cards. Much of b-school is networking, and if all goes well there will be a lot of people who wish to include me in their post-MBA business network. I considered getting 4-color cards from a template at VistaPrint or some other web-based inexpensive-cards factory, but I […]

  • Marketing, PR, advertising, branding

    The difference between marketing, PR, advertising, and branding.

  • The growing pains of gentrification

    Candice and I live in Westboro, a neighbourhood of Ottawa which is sort of the Next Big Thing here. It’s got many of the things you’d expect to make a neighbourhood get trendy: it runs along an urban shopping strip and the waterfront, it’s a ten-minute drive along a parkway to downtown, it’s got good […]