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  • Piled Higher and Deeper

    It’s the popped collar that makes it perfect: From one of my new favorite webcomics, Piled Higher and Deeper, which pokes fun at grad school and grad students. I’m probably all “old meme” on this one since the comic’s been published since 1997 (originally in a Stanford student paper), but I only found it recently […]

  • I’m no longer an MBA student.

    I’ll keep this one short for now, and get into a bit more detail tomorrow when I’ve got more time: I withdrew from my MBA program today. This is a good thing. The fit wasn’t right at all, it wasn’t what I wanted to do, and it didn’t make sense to pay tuition and forego […]

  • so many jokes left implied

    Saw this walking through Chapters today; only because it was still at full price did I not buy it to leave in the grad lounge at school:

  • eerie moment of clarity

    A couple of years ago, 30 came and went. It didn’t feel like some people say, like a milestone or anything like that. Yeah, I was getting into motorcycling at the time but that didn’t feel like an escape, just like a hobby. But something changed then and I didn’t notice until last night. Well, […]

  • <3 xkcd.

    I’ve always enjoyed reading xkcd, but lately a few of them have been hitting pretty close to home: When did we forget our dreams? You’re curious, smart, and bored, and all you see is the choice between working hard and slacking off. (This one’s my desktop right now, and also on my fridge.) Because we’re […]

  • Yep.

    Paul Graham: How can I avoid turning into a pointy-haired boss? The pointy-haired boss is a manager who doesn’t program. So the surest way to avoid becoming him is to stay a programmer. What tempts programmers to become managers are companies with old-fashioned corporate structure, where the only way to advance in salary and prestige […]

  • So yeah. School.

    You may have been wondering why I haven’t been posting much about school. Perhaps you thought “Boy, he must be having such a great time that he hasn’t posted”! Welp. (Let’s put a cut here. If you’re in my class it’s up to you to decide whether or not to read on.)

  • I can feel points growing.

    One school-related thing that I am finding it really hard to get used to: Top-posting in email. It is not like the geek world where top-posting is uniformly evil and >-quoting is normal. Top-posting is unremarkable, and in fact in Outlook it is difficult to not top-post when responding to HTML email. I am at […]