oh, -32300, ok

Error message I received from WordPress (probably from the LJXP plugin? I’m not sure) while posting that last post:

Something went wrong – -32300 : transport error – HTTP status code was not 200

Well, that’s certainly helpful. I wonder what the HTTP status code was, or what URL was being requested that returned said status code. But at least I know that something went wrong.

5 responses to “oh, -32300, ok”

  1. The error is caused by an XML-RPC request. You can find the pertinent code in /wp-includes/class-IXR.php . I recommend changing “var $debug = false;” to “var $debug = true;” in “class IXR_Client”. Making a copy of the file (just in case you screw it up) is probably a good idea.

  2. Thanks — I’d figured out what was up (LJXP was indeed not crossposting) — mostly I was just annoyed at the error message. It knows the HTTP status code, because it knows it isn’t 200, but it doesn’t give it to me! (Nevermind displaying “something went wrong”, context-free, to the user.)

  3. “Me, too! Me, too!” I had never seen that error message before, but after your post, I now see it quite frequently. Either you jinxed me or LJ changed something. I’m sticking with the former.