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  • No more Unix mail at Dreamhost

    I left DreamHost just in time: We’re no longer allowing (new) FTP/SHELL users to have an email address associated with them. […] Fortunately, this change should be more or less invisible to everybody! The only thing lost is the ability to see and manipulate your mail files via FTP/Shell… (and even that is only for […]

  • Dreamhost: a comedy of errors

    You may have noticed that this place was hard to get to for the last week or so. I’ve hosted this blog and a bunch of other websites on Dreamhost since 2004, and I’ve referred enough people to them that my hosting there has been free for years. But most of those four years have […]

  • Hello, Marketing? MARKETING?

    Hello, Marketing? MARKETING? [via mefi]

  • Credit card numbers on receipts

    Canadian credit card providers require that merchants print only the last four digits of credit card numbers on receipts. Many merchants aren’t compliant, so keep an eye out. [via Rob]

  • oh, -32300, ok

    Error message I received from WordPress (probably from the LJXP plugin? I’m not sure) while posting that last post: Something went wrong – -32300 : transport error – HTTP status code was not 200 Well, that’s certainly helpful. I wonder what the HTTP status code was, or what URL was being requested that returned said […]

  • Phone providers always break photo email.

    How I sent photos to Flickr on my Fido phone: Take photo Send to Flickr photo-posting address from phone How I send photos to Flickr on my new Virgin Mobile phone: Take photo Send to an email address of mine which feeds into a program, which Extracts the HTML part from that message Pulls the […]

  • Stupid keyboard tricks

    As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m shopping for a laptop. Having been convinced to go with a 12″ ultraportable, I had narrowed down my choices to a handful of machines in the price range and feature set I was after. One of these was the Dell Latitude 700M , a consumer-class 12.1″ widescreen laptop with built-in […]

  • Three lists

    Sometime in the last year or so, the Ottawa Public Library replaced or upgraded its online catalogue, Lirico. The new one is a giant improvement over the old, not only because it supports the library lookup bookmarklet but also because it has a lot of useful features to do with managing requests — you can […]