No more Unix mail at Dreamhost

I left DreamHost just in time:

We’re no longer allowing (new) FTP/SHELL users to have an email address associated with them.
Fortunately, this change should be more or less invisible to everybody! The only thing lost is the ability to see and manipulate your mail files via FTP/Shell… (and even that is only for new users from now on). Whoop-dee-do, I say!

Right, why would anyone want to use their own SpamAssassin, procmail, or a Unix mail client? I never had a problem with overselling at Dreamhost — in fact, I’d go so far as to say that I’m happy to take advantage of it — but I don’t think that’s their problem. I think they’ve just let themselves grow until they’re deep over their heads.

(And yes, that doesn’t affect existing shell accounts there, but I imagine that’s just a matter of time, because it’s not like running two parallel mail architectures is going to help them much.)

One response to “No more Unix mail at Dreamhost”

  1. I was thinking to move all my domains to Dreamhost but I need to have unix mail to some of my users. And now, is there any good option to host domains with the same resources?