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  • Open-source Zen

    From the “Thanks” section of the White Wind Zen Centre’s newsletter: From Mishin tando, “Thank you to the Roshi for finding numerous Open Source Software resources so that Practice Council work can be done without resorting to being locked-in to proprietary software; […]” Good that the Roshi took care of that, but also good that […]

  • Foxit Reader

    I just finished recommending this software to Trevor who was complaining about Acrobat Reader being big and slow, and I realized I should mention it here too. Foxit Reader is a free, lightweight PDF reader for Windows and Linux. It comes in somewhere around the 4MB mark on disk once installed (compared to Acrobat Reader’s […]

  • Microsoft OneNote

    Have any of you used Microsoft OneNote? I am intrigued by its promises but not convinced and it’s not the most straightforward thing to just sit in front of and use (or it is, and I’m overthinking it).

  • oh, -32300, ok

    Error message I received from WordPress (probably from the LJXP plugin? I’m not sure) while posting that last post: Something went wrong – -32300 : transport error – HTTP status code was not 200 Well, that’s certainly helpful. I wonder what the HTTP status code was, or what URL was being requested that returned said […]

  • I’m on LibraryThing

    I’ve finally got around to putting my books on LibraryThing, the online book cataloguing service. I, too, have a hard time reading “online book cataloguing service” without snickering, but as they go, this one gets things right. I was able to import my Amazon “I own this” list by pasting in Amazon’s HTML, and the […]

  • Phone providers always break photo email.

    How I sent photos to Flickr on my Fido phone: Take photo Send to Flickr photo-posting address from phone How I send photos to Flickr on my new Virgin Mobile phone: Take photo Send to an email address of mine which feeds into a program, which Extracts the HTML part from that message Pulls the […]

  • WordPress CLI theme

    This is the geekiest WordPress theme ever (and is awesome).

  • Use Firefox? Use Firebug.

    I had assumed that everyone on earth knew about the Firebug extension for Firefox, but I keep seeing a common story on #wordpress: people fighting with CSS problems that they just can’t track down, but which Firebug lets me find in seconds. Firebug is what the Web Developer extension was heading towards: a complete, live-editing […]