Tag: weird

  • ASU police log

    Highlights from the college police log at Arizona State. [via the Obscure Store]

  • Social engineering with USB keys

    A comment on a Reg story about USB-key malware led to a great story from about a year ago about a tiger team hired to audit a credit union, who launched a successful social-engineering attack dropping trojan-infected USB keys around the parking lot: Once I seeded the USB drives, I decided to grab some coffee […]

  • Compubeaver


  • Whose humps?

    Something, somewhere, has clearly gone too far.

  • and boy are my arms tired

    Google, how do I get from New York to Paris?

  • The most expensive things at Amazon

    nrrd on #memepool and I were looking up some expensive things on Amazon, and I felt a blog post coming on, so here you have it: the most expensive things in every Amazon category.

  • Help! Hipsters

    I got a new phone! I will post about it shortly. Right now I want to share with you some disturbing screenshots from the desktop software that accompanies said phone. First, the splash screen: Boy, she loves her phone. Could you imagine being this person, knowing that thousands of people worldwide are looking at that […]

  • House of Staples: old phonecam pics

    I was cleaning off my old cellphone in order to start using it again (more on that later) and I found a few phonecam pics that I never uploaded. Since I managed to hold on to them for a year or two I figured I’d share them here as well as on flickr.