Help! Hipsters

I got a new phone! I will post about it shortly. Right now I want to share with you some disturbing screenshots from the desktop software that accompanies said phone.

First, the splash screen:

Motorola hipster girl

Boy, she loves her phone. Could you imagine being this person, knowing that thousands of people worldwide are looking at that picture? With that hair?

But that’s not the good one. This is the good one, from the configuration wizard:

Motorola hipster guy

Seriously. What’s with him? Stop looking at me like that! Also, nice belt.
(Also good: “What is a Cable?”)

7 responses to “Help! Hipsters”

  1. Maybe that’s why he looks so annoyed. He’s thinking “‘What is a cable?’ Are you sure you should be here at all?”

  2. Wow, those are awful. That’s quite the neckbeard. Still, there’s something about Motorola-Guy that’s even more second-rate hipster than the Zune ones. It might just be that a couple years have passed since the Motorola photo was current, and two years from now the Zune ones will be doubly bad too.

  3. […] the features and UI on the T610. And I’ve mostly worked around the lack of OBEX FTP by using Motorola Phone Tools and a USB cable to upload my own ringtones and download photos without having to go over the air. […]

  4. her chin is scarier than her hair. don’t make fun of those of us with fine, blonde hair. i think my hair kind of looked like that in high school. :D