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  • How much fun could this be?

    Fine, I guess I won’t bring my beer helmet:

  • Help! Hipsters

    I got a new phone! I will post about it shortly. Right now I want to share with you some disturbing screenshots from the desktop software that accompanies said phone. First, the splash screen: Boy, she loves her phone. Could you imagine being this person, knowing that thousands of people worldwide are looking at that […]

  • RSS feed reader comparo

    I’m a pretty heavy RSS user: pretty much everything I read regularly on the Web I read via RSS, some 300 feeds. (I don’t read everything in all of them every day.) I’ve used Bloglines for a long time, and it’s worked pretty well for me: I’m used to its interface, it performs pretty quickly, […]

  • Fox News in Bizarroworld

  • terrorist yard sale

    So apparently there was a big domestic terrist bust in Toronto. CNN called them “Al Qaeda-inspired”, which I guess means they weren’t Al Qaeda but they were brown and we don’t know who they were doing it for. Anyhow, lots of fertilizer and plans for lots of boom and they caught them so that’s good. […]

  • These are not the pants you think they are

    Someone’s not proofreading. Also, these pants are a pain to iron. (Also annoying: I have to use User Agent Switcher to claim to be IE when I use Firefox in Linux to go to gap.com, otherwise it complains and tells me that on a PC I should use Firefox 1.0 or greater. Nice failure mode.)

  • Usability Hall of Shame: SessionSaver Firefox Extension

    SessionSaver is a Firefox extension with a noble goal: it keeps track of what tabs and windows you had open when Firefox closed, and restores that state when it opens. It’s handy if Firefox or your computer is acting unreliable, or if you are working on a project and want to start up where you […]

  • omg sekrit!!

    While looking on the Vatican’s website to find out if there was any news about Schroedinger’s Pope, I found this. Don’t tell anyone!