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lol its hipster

Today’s purchase: American Apparel two-metres-of-cotton-jersey purple scarf. So simple but I love it! Thin enough to wear indoors and be The Guy That Wears A Scarf Indoors which is basically me in a nutshell. Does this look like an MBA student? No? Whaddya know. So now I need more of these scarves. Here’s the range […]

RSS feed readers: Flickr, del.icio.us change

So I’ve finally got posting phone photos to Flickr working, and posting phone photos via Flickr to my blog working. That means that I can blog things that I see as they happen, instead of when I remember to get them off my phone! Which is good. But doing so reminded me that for ages […]


BE SAFE AND CONSIDERATE Originally uploaded by mendel Just testing flickr’s blog posting. please excuse.


Like twittervision, but with interesting content: Flickrvision. I know what I’m going to be distracted by all day.

House of Staples: old phonecam pics

I was cleaning off my old cellphone in order to start using it again (more on that later) and I found a few phonecam pics that I never uploaded. Since I managed to hold on to them for a year or two I figured I’d share them here as well as on flickr.

Composites of attractiveness

Flickr user manitou2121 (who apparently lives across the river from me in Gatineau!) has made composite photos from each score range on hotornot.com. Interesting to see how little variation there is in total and how pale the highest rating is. [via mefi]

the people at our local coffeehouse are weird

i’m from the future Uploaded by mendel on 24 Dec ’06, 4.11pm EST.

My missing photodocumentary

I have a nice camera. It’s easy to use, takes good pictures (after a couple of repairs, sigh), and it’s very portable. So portable, in fact, that I could take it places I go, and when I’m there I could take pictures with it. Yet my flickr account runs dry, other than the wedding and […]