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cat, school

A few brief personal updates: First, I heard back from the vet yesterday: Mouse’s last bloodwork all came back normal, so we have ourselves a healthy cat. The elevated white blood cell count was presumably entirely from her infected tooth and gums, which the tooth removal and antibiotics took care of, and the liver enzyme count […]

business cards

Going back to school means I need personal “business” cards. Much of b-school is networking, and if all goes well there will be a lot of people who wish to include me in their post-MBA business network. I considered getting 4-color cards from a template at VistaPrint or some other web-based inexpensive-cards factory, but I […]

Back in the classroom, kind of

Last night I had my first “class” at U of O. They’ve recommended that I take an optional, free, non-credit math course to make sure my math chops are up to speed when real classes start. I’m not sure what the criteria for that recommendation are, but it won’t kill me to brush up on […]

New bag for me!

While I love my Timbuk2 laptop briefcase, it does have one problem: putting the laptop in the middle of the bag, while making the bag stable standing, means there is very little room on either side for stuff. It’s fine for going to work (although lunch in a tupperware container barely fits) but it wasn’t […]

I guess they like me

Just got mail from the admissions folks at the U of O school of management: they’re offering me a (partial, but substantial) scholarship. Yay! Maybe this was a good idea after all! (I kid, I kid.) Now I just have to get the rest of the financial stuff ironed out (RRSP withdrawals and a line […]

Guess what I’m doing next year.

Dear Mr. Lafferty: It is my pleasure to inform you that the M.B.A Admission Committee, at the University of Ottawa, has approved your acceptance for the 2007-2008 academic year. Woo! I’m in! Classes start August 20. They played a little trick on me, sending my acceptance letter in a thin envelope (usually, thick envelope means […]

Application in the mail

My MBA application is on its way to the University of Ottawa now. Yay! I’m feeling pretty confident about my application. Academics were fine (my undergrad GPA was 3.64), GMAT went great, professional experience should be sufficient. My letter of intent didn’t feel as strong as I’d have liked but I think it’ll do, especially […]

More from Drucker

Another quote from Drucker that struck a chord: The task of management is to make people capable of joint performance, to make their strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant. This is what organization is all about, and it is the reason that management is the critical, determining factor. With all the emphasis that management gets […]