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  • Dear lazyweb: Hyperic, Zenoss?

    Sysadmins on the lazyweb: I’ve used Nagios for years, accompanied by either a homebrew trending/graphing package or Munin. Recently I’ve had a few people draw my attention to Hyperic, and from there I’ve been looking at Zenoss Core as well. If any of you have experience with Hyperic or Zenoss, and especially if you’ve left […]

  • SIP softphone?

    The Twitter lazyweb wasn’t enough for this one, so I’ll try here: I’ve got myself a SIP account with a Toronto DID, but the minutae of moving has prevented me from getting around to buying an ATA. But I’d like to, you know, answer the phone — can any of you recommend a decent free […]

  • SAGE or LOPSA?

    I know I’ve got some professional sysadmins reading this, so: I seem to have slept through the period around 2004 to 2006 where USENIX nearly got rid of SAGE, and then didn’t, and then some people who wanted SAGE to be rid of USENIX formed LOPSA, and so on. But I was all set to […]

  • Microsoft OneNote

    Have any of you used Microsoft OneNote? I am intrigued by its promises but not convinced and it’s not the most straightforward thing to just sit in front of and use (or it is, and I’m overthinking it).

  • Sell me your laptop RAM

    I need 512MB worth of PC133 RAM for a laptop. Any of you fine folk have a single 512MB SODIMM or a pair of 256MB SODIMMs you feel like getting rid of?

  • Anyone recognize this?

    Occasionally I get a little thingy in the top left corner of my Windows desktop. It’s a transparent circular thing that looks like this (magnified in inset): I recognize the icon but I can’t figure out what it is. It might have something to do with virtual desktops, or I might be misremembering. It goes […]

  • Recommend me a .ca registrar

    My current .ca registrar, DomainGeeks, has fallen off the face of the earth at renewal time again. This has turned into an annual event, except this time I haven’t got a response back to my email asking them to push whatever button needs pushing, so I think it’s time to move. (They also haven’t reflected […]

  • Toshiba laptop opinions?

    Do any of you folks have Toshiba laptops? Specifically Tecras, although I’m open to any comments, really. I’d like to pick up a laptop for school instead of using my work laptop for both. I’m after something close to what I’ve got now, a Dell D600: business-class rather than home, Centrino somewhere in the 1.6GHz […]