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  • Help me understand my coffee grinder

    I bought a burr coffee grinder today. It’s not a conical burr, so it’s sort of entry-level. It seems to grind coffee consistently even though you can’t quite get a powdery espresso grind out of it, although part of the problem might be that I’m grinding some older beans that we froze a while ago […]

  • Big, popular Canadian blogs?

    I need more cancon in my daily reading. The “A-list” of bloggers approximates the “A-list” of American bloggers, and I want to round out what I’m reading with a Canadian perspective. I find myself reading a lot of interesting blogs from Americans but I’m always sort of an extra step removed, so I want to […]

  • Wikipedia 2001, another bike, honeymooning

    Varia: Today is Thursday, December 20, 2001 at the nostalgic Wikipedia. I’m shopping for a bike again. The 250 is too small for safe highway riding. My ride here would have been a lot less great if I happened to get an angry driver behind me on one of those long hills. Looking at maybe […]

  • Packing your service now

    I just went to install the Windows 2003 Server Administration Tools Pack on my Windows 2000 desktop, and got the following error: Windows Server 2003 Service pack 1 Administration Tools Pack can be installed only on computers running either Windows XP Professional 9with either Q329357 or Service pack 1 or later applied) or Windows Server […]

  • Confused about MotoGP 3

    Anyone know the deal with Namco’s MotoGP 3 for the PS2 (not to be confused with THQ’s MotoGP 3 for Xbox and PC)? It’s available new on Amazon Japan for ¥7,140 (~$US 65), but only from third-party sellers on Amazon US starting around $US 50, and is on Amazon UK for £9.99 (~$US 17) from […]

  • go go windows lazyweb

    This is one of those things that is so straightforward that the detailed writeups don’t cover it, but detailed enough that the light stuff doesn’t really verify it. I have two domains, OLD and NEW, that have a two-way external trust between them. A share from OLD has an ACL that allows access from a […]

  • Why don’t Unix users use symbolic permissions anymore?

    Watching junior to intermediate level sysadmins on a handful of Unix-related IRC channels, I’ve noticed that no-one seems to use symbolic permissions with “chmod” anymore. This sort of puzzles me, because symbolic permissions are the only way to change some permissions without setting all of them at once. So, I ask of you: I’d love […]

  • Bike locks

    Consider this one a poll, if you want. I didn’t want to make everyone write their answers in tiny boxes, so I didn’t use the poll feature to do it. How do you lock up your bike? Why do you do it that way? Why not something more convenient and less secure, or less convenient […]