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Bacon Krispy Kreme burger

Bacon Krispy Kreme burger Originally uploaded by satanslaundromat (Found via Valleywag.)

Everything should taste like bacon.

Everything should taste like bacon.

The Golean Crunch motherlode

This one’s for Pam:


Murketing presents the International Review of Wine Packaging Aesthetics. I am a sucker for buying wine based on the packaging.

oh no I’ve got SCALLOP EYES

Things I did not know: Scallops have eyes.


An osa Some osas (With apologies to B. Kliban.)


Went to the gym last night for the first time in ages. Little sore today but not as much as I expected. I’m doing the Men’s Health “Abs Diet” (Amazon), but it’s not really so much a “diet” as it is a workout regimen with a bunch of useful nutrition advice up front. The workout […]

Epicurean Ottawa

Have I mentioned the food blog that Candice and I maintain recently? It’s Epicurean Ottawa, and while it was originally primarily about food in the Ottawa area, it ended up a little more haphazard than that — in a good way! Anyhow, I just wrote up a short post about a recent trend in wine […]