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  • Catching up

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so here’s a quick overview of what you’ve missed! Candice and I found a place to have our wedding and set a date, only to find that there was a good chance that the Ontario massage therapy regulatory organization would be moving her professional exam to a conflicting […]

  • fireclong

    I’m unconvinced somehow: If you are experiencing a crash while typing in the Firefox address bar, you can fix the problem by uninstalling Firefox 1.0.1, completely removing the Firefox program folder (probably C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox on Windows or /home//firefox-installer/ on Linux), and reinstalling Firefox 1.0.1. Here’s what’s new in Firefox 1.0.1: Improved stability From its […]

  • Microsoft presents:

    Key points for learning leetspeek.

  • Secure FTP backwards through a firewall

    Hoping the lazyweb can come up with a reasonably elegant solution to a securing-FTP problem I’ve run into. I have a setup like so: [ftp-server]—[broker]—|firewall|====[ftp-client] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ intranet internet I need to establish an FTP session from the ftp client to the ftp server. —- is intranet, ==== is internet. broker is a machine under […]

  • Geek diversion: tsocks

    You’re probably already familiar with ssh’s portforwarding abilities — where ssh -L8000:somehost:80 otherhost will set up an encrypted tunnel where local connections to port 8000 will be tunneled through to otherhost and then connected to port 80 on somehost from there — and if you’re like me you might even have a couple of shell […]

  • bash weirdness

    This is just odd. Tell me how this functionality could be useful: $ export testf='() { echo test; }’ $ bash $ testf test In ten years I’ve never thought “Boy, I wish I could import shell functions from my environment upon invocation”, but maybe I’m missing something obvious.