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  • Dealing with web forum pests

    A while ago I thought of a great way to deal with abusive users on non-techy Web forums. The problem with banning users from forums is that they just register another account and continue until they get caught again, and so on, and banning by source address tends to affect a lot of innocent folks. […]

  • Fantastic 3d rendering

    Check out this amazing 3d rendering of a ZX-6R. The level of detail is amazing, especially for the parts that are obscured by the fairing anyhow. This forum thread follows the development of the model over 5 months and shows high-resolution versions of some of the preliminary work and the naked bike.

  • Godadaamn keyboardaa.

    The keyboardaa on my laptop (a DAell Latitudaaae DA600) has daevelopeda an annoying habit of sendaiang a bunch of “a” keypresses after I press the “da” key. (As you can see in the worda “sendaiang”, some of the “a” keypresses even follow the letters presseda subsequent to the “daa”). If I press harda aon the […]

  • good hurt

    Ow. I hurt. I strained my neck a few weeks ago, and it’s been borderline since, so I’ve been going to see a massage therapist at the clinic Candice works at. It’s helpful, and it’s good hurt, but ow ow ow. Lots of deep work on my pecs to try to get my shoulders to […]

  • go go windows lazyweb

    This is one of those things that is so straightforward that the detailed writeups don’t cover it, but detailed enough that the light stuff doesn’t really verify it. I have two domains, OLD and NEW, that have a two-way external trust between them. A share from OLD has an ACL that allows access from a […]

  • Why don’t Unix users use symbolic permissions anymore?

    Watching junior to intermediate level sysadmins on a handful of Unix-related IRC channels, I’ve noticed that no-one seems to use symbolic permissions with “chmod” anymore. This sort of puzzles me, because symbolic permissions are the only way to change some permissions without setting all of them at once. So, I ask of you: I’d love […]

  • library upgrade week

    The Ottawa Public Library‘s electronic catalogue is apparently being upgraded, and as a result is unavailable for three freaking days. What the hell? They helpfully note: You will be able to browse the shelves and renew and check out material. The bookdrop will be accessible as usual. Items will not become due during the week […]

  • Usability Hall of Shame: SessionSaver Firefox Extension

    SessionSaver is a Firefox extension with a noble goal: it keeps track of what tabs and windows you had open when Firefox closed, and restores that state when it opens. It’s handy if Firefox or your computer is acting unreliable, or if you are working on a project and want to start up where you […]