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  • trace! can you dig it?

    How did I make it ten years without knowing about dig‘s +trace option? :) fishsticks$ dig +trace www.livejournal.com ; DiG 9.2.5 +trace www.livejournal.com ;; global options: printcmd . 7869 IN NS a.root-servers.net. . 7869 IN NS b.root-servers.net. . 7869 IN NS c.root-servers.net. . 7869 IN NS d.root-servers.net. . 7869 IN NS e.root-servers.net. . 7869 IN […]

  • js/uix

    JS/UIX is an UN*X-like OS for standard web-browsers, written entirely in JavaScript (no plug-ins used). Seriously wrong. Be sure to try vi. [via Simon Cozens]

  • Wireframe graphics on a Commodore 3032?

    Graphics Demo is brilliant. I wish I had thought of this first. Be sure to see the video.

  • Writing mail filters for Notes

    I am in the process of porting a mail filter which I originally wrote in Perl using Mail::Audit to LotusScript for use in Notes. I’ve now got an Enterprise Blackberry, which means I can’t store my mail on the old e-smith IMAP server anymore, and there’s always been pressure for me to use Notes so […]

  • Greasemonkey

    Greasemonkey is the handiest Firefox extension ever. It lets you maintain a set of DHTML scripts which are applied to some or all webpages you view to change its behavior and content. The scripts are written in Javascript. This may not give you a clear idea of what it does; suffice to say it lets […]

  • arbitrary thumbtacks on maps.google.com

    Does anyone know how to get Google maps to locate a thumbtack at an arbitrary point on a map? I recall directions from Brevity on how to get it to draw an arbitrary route, which is a nice touch, but I’d like to be able to say “The thing I am talking about is HERE” […]

  • area 51, mysterious circles

    Internet discovers irrigation while looking for Area 51. (See the comments of the linked post.) Someone really needs to convince BoingBoing that those irrigation circles are something mysterious.

  • What an odd day

    Today was full of weird stuff. I had spent a good part of yesterday evening tracking down an odd bug in Gaim in which it would try to participate in Jabber multiuser conferences using the nickname of the first other user it sees in the conference. It took me most of the night to figure […]