I can sit in half-lotus, does that count?

Now this has me excited: FreshBooks, a real, honest-to-goodness Web 2.0 startup in Toronto, is looking for a “resident Linux guru“. That’s the kind of job that tends to get filled in the “hidden job marketplace” of professional networks and friends, so it was a surprise to see it outright advertised.

But it was an even bigger surprise to see what they’re looking for — outside of a couple of “I could learn that really fast” bits, it’s practically a description of exactly what I found myself specializing in at e-smith and Mitel. (The only thing that would make it completely uncanny is if it involved email and spam too, but you can’t have everything.)

“Unfortunately”, they’ve also put a $1000 referral bounty on it as of last Friday, so I suspect it just got a lot more competitive. But we’ll see what happens! I was half-tempted to put “Sysadmin sale! Save $1000” in the subject of the cover letter email, but it’s possible to be a bit too lighthearted, even when dealing with these guys.

I’m starting to think that trip last month was a good idea.

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