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  • Yay, I’ve got DSL now…

    Yay, I’ve got DSL now at the new apartment. I ended up going with Teksavvy, which was a bit of a roller coaster to order — they mistranscribed my credit card number, phone number, and mailed my DSL modem to “First Books”, and then the Bell tech showed up today at the wrong house number, […]

  • Goings-on

    This morning’s double take: Last night before I left the office, I sent mail to a few coworkers and a few Toronto friends asking for recommendations for DSL and VOIP providers. This morning I had recommendations from a bunch of people I knew, and one person I didn’t. Why one person I didn’t? Because one […]

  • Dogs and cats, sleeping together!

    So there’s some snow coming. Toronto’s looking at 15-25 cm (about a foot) of snow and ice pellets, Ottawa’s got 45-60 cm (about two feet) of snow coming, and I was planning on driving from Ottawa to Toronto tomorrow night. Awesome. But what the snow does mean is that Environment Canada’s forecasters get to write […]

  • Toronto update

    Well, I suppose I’m due a post, eh? It’s been a whirlwind, so I’ll quickly skim over everything. I’m in Toronto! I got here on Saturday morning with Candice. We spent the weekend seeing apartments — 6 or 8 on Saturday, and then two on Sunday, staying at the Holiday Inn on Bloor at St. […]

  • I have a new job!

    Apologies for the radio silence lately — with things in progress I didn’t want to risk jinxing anything. But this afternoon I faxed off a signed employment contract, and I’m back in the world of the employed again! As of December 10th I’ll be the Network Operations Manager at FreshBooks, the company I mentioned previously. […]

  • I can sit in half-lotus, does that count?

    Now this has me excited: FreshBooks, a real, honest-to-goodness Web 2.0 startup in Toronto, is looking for a “resident Linux guru“. That’s the kind of job that tends to get filled in the “hidden job marketplace” of professional networks and friends, so it was a surprise to see it outright advertised. But it was an […]

  • This is not promising

    Your search – “is toronto’s greenwich village” – did not match any documents. Your search – “is toronto’s east village” – did not match any documents. Your search – “is toronto’s haight” – did not match any documents. Your search – “is toronto’s mission” – did not match any documents. Your search – “is toronto’s […]