Speaking of scarves

Speaking of scarves, I meant to ask you guys something. If you saw someone who was obviously sort of fashionable wearing a keffiyeh as a scarf, like this:

would you think that it was just a look, or would you think it was a pro-Palestinian statement? (And where do you live?)

8 responses to “Speaking of scarves”

  1. I would probably just think of it as a look. (And not a good one, I find they look somewhat goofy. Sorry if it’s a cultural insult, but I am sure there are many in the world that think I look goofy, too.)

    I’m in the DC suburbs, which you’d think would make me think political statement first, but I try hard to tune most of that out around here.

  2. (I live in Chicagoland, but I’m of Middle Eastern descent.) When I see people wearing those, I kind of just sorta roll my eyes — I kind of take it in the same vein as people who are all, “I WATCH ANIME, I’M SO JAPANESE!!! ^_^”.

    I don’t personally think it’s offensive in any way besides “hey, someone’s appropriating something from ‘my’ culture”. But it does kinda strike me as tacky.

  3. Just a look, I would think unless I knew the person and knew that they were into the politics. And I am from the UK :)

  4. Just a look, and I’m from Germany.

    Oh, and wearing them as a scarf was fashionable over here about ten years ago, though not really mainstream… it went with a certain, I don’t know, hippy (perhaps) look.

  5. Keffiyehs are /all/ over London at the moment. People clearly don’t know what they actually mean. My wife, being an Arab, was kind of pissed off at first, but now just rolls her eyes whenever she sees another fashion victim wearing one.

    If you go to Urban Outfitters they sell them in a range of garish colours. (I mean, honestly, neon pink? Why?) I’ve also seen t-shirts printed to look like you’re wearing one. Sigh.