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  • Speaking of scarves

    Speaking of scarves, I meant to ask you guys something. If you saw someone who was obviously sort of fashionable wearing a keffiyeh as a scarf, like this: would you think that it was just a look, or would you think it was a pro-Palestinian statement? (And where do you live?)

  • Embracing the tubes

    Candice pointed out to me this morning that US presidential hopeful John Edwards has a myspace, livejournal, youtube, del.icio.us, xanga, facebook, flickr, orkut, metacafe, tagworld, 43Things, yahoo! 360°, essembly, gather, partybuilder, ning, revver, blip.tv, CHBN, vSocial, collectivex, bebo, care2, and hi5 account. I think this is what those in the campaign management profession call “trying […]

  • the founding fathers fought for your right to not have to go over bumps

    Americans Against Traffic Calming really writes its own jokes. (I found that while looking for general traffic-calming stuff after reading about this living room in the road in England.)