\m/ \m/

On the bus this morning just as I was about to get off downtown for coffee, I was standing behind a seated woman, fiftysomething, in a business suit. Her phone rang. Well, “rang”, because it played the intro guitar riff to Thunderstruck.

As I and a crowd exited the bus I gave her the devil’s horns. She laughed and returned same.

7 responses to “\m/ \m/”

  1. Hah! Love it. ;)

    The best ringtone I’ve heard to date is the opening four(ish) measures of the Mario theme. It went off in the middle of one of my calculus classes, and everyone, even the professor, started laughing.

  2. Carrie, you break into Yo Gabba Gabba songs completely out of the blue. You think there is something wrong with you? :-)