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  • Free Naxos Music Library access

    Free classical music: I learned today that signing up for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s email newsletter also gives you access to a streaming-music service called “Beethoven on Demand”. That seemed neat, and I’d be happy to get the TSO’s newsletter anyhow, so I signed up — and found that “Beethoven on Demand” appears to be […]

  • Grown So Ugly is a music blog featuring interesting…

    Grown So Ugly is an music blog featuring interesting, obscure and important albums from the last half-century, emphasizing acoustic music and regularly providing full albums for download. Start with the 3-CD compilation, A Postcard I May Or May Not Send, and then make your way through the full archives, occasionally cursing Rapidshare’s pruning and free-user […]

  • Paradigm 7se Mk II speakers for sale

    In case there’s someone local that might be interested in this: I just posted my 1993 Paradigm 7se Mk II speakers to Craigslist. I’ve been thinking about selling them for a while because they’re just a bit too big now that I don’t really do “sit with a score on my lap” listening anymore. Kind […]

  • Old Seamus Tansey video

    While I’m up late watching YouTube, this recording of Seamus Tansey playing the Irish flute — presumably from the trad comeback in the 70s — is good flute playing, but watching the audience is completely hypnotizing. Also here’s some Irish pipes to round things off, probably from the same era. Seamus Ennis. Someday remind me […]

  • Chapman Stick etiquette

    Tony Levin knows how to play the Chapman Stick: This is a good thing to do with a Stick. This is also a good thing to do with a Stick: However, for whatever reason, this is sort of the typical Stick player. Do not do. Thank you.

  • \m/ \m/

    On the bus this morning just as I was about to get off downtown for coffee, I was standing behind a seated woman, fiftysomething, in a business suit. Her phone rang. Well, “rang”, because it played the intro guitar riff to Thunderstruck. As I and a crowd exited the bus I gave her the devil’s […]

  • eerie moment of clarity

    A couple of years ago, 30 came and went. It didn’t feel like some people say, like a milestone or anything like that. Yeah, I was getting into motorcycling at the time but that didn’t feel like an escape, just like a hobby. But something changed then and I didn’t notice until last night. Well, […]

  • That is not what you do at a White Stripes show

    Ah, CBC: When Bluesfest kicked off at Lebreton Flats on July 4, organizers allocated space for people who brought their own chairs and wanted to stay seated. But on Sunday, during the White Stripes performance, the area was flooded with boogying fans, and organizers realized police would be needed to keep the area lawn-chairs-only throughout […]