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  • Awesome Pontiac ad

    This ad is awesome. (Shame it’s for the G8.) (Via everyone and their dog, it seems. I think I saw it first on BoingBoing Gadgets.)

  • Righting the failboat

    You’ve probably seen this image macro before: The Cougar Ace suffered a ballast tank pump failure when she was dumping her origin ballast water and filling — or, I suppose, trying to fill — her ballast tanks with local water, as required before entering American waters to prevent the accidental importation of invasive marine species. […]


    BE SAFE AND CONSIDERATE Originally uploaded by mendel Just testing flickr’s blog posting. please excuse.

  • \m/ \m/

    On the bus this morning just as I was about to get off downtown for coffee, I was standing behind a seated woman, fiftysomething, in a business suit. Her phone rang. Well, “rang”, because it played the intro guitar riff to Thunderstruck. As I and a crowd exited the bus I gave her the devil’s […]

  • three days to go!

    (Not counting today, of course.) Pretty quiet at work now between tapering off and other people’s vacations. I’m feeling pretty lame-duck. People are taking me out to lunch Thursday and Friday, though, so that’ll make those days go by quicker. I think I’m going to gather up my stuff Thursday and take it home that night, so […]

  • Catch-up post

    Been a while since I’ve posted. It’s been pretty busy, so here’s a quick catch-up on what’s gone on in the last couple of weeks: Mouseycat might be sick. She had a very loose canine tooth removed the other day and we found she’d lost nearly a kilogram (nearly 2.2 lbs) since the last time […]

  • the founding fathers fought for your right to not have to go over bumps

    Americans Against Traffic Calming really writes its own jokes. (I found that while looking for general traffic-calming stuff after reading about this living room in the road in England.)

  • hippo honk!

    The other day at Starbucks I ordered a to-go grande half-caf soy no-whip pumpkin spice latte. YOW! Am I GENTRIFIED yet? That said, I really like their pumpkin spice lattes. Like everything else “pumpkin-flavoured” they taste of cinnamon and allspice, not pumpkin, but that’s fine because it tastes like pumpkin pie. Candice likes their maple […]