April is the cruelest month

Snow on Parliament Hill - Apr 2007

Can we have spring back, please?


Snow changing to rain this morning.
Local snowfall amount 2 cm.
Wind east 20 km/h.
High plus 2.


Rain changing to snow this evening.
Snowfall amount 5 cm.
Wind east 20 km/h becoming light this evening.
Low zero.

4 responses to “April is the cruelest month”

  1. They’re talking about a noreaster coming through here this weekend. I am so NOT amused. BRING SPRING BACK!

  2. Heh. I’m going to be there in a week and a half for work. You’d better have this whole “snow” thing taken care of by then, or else… :P

  3. Now I remember why I only lasted two winters! :-)

    I have vivid memories of the snow returning in April after several nice warm days, and driving to Kanata in pain; I almost turned the car towards the airport for a one-way ticket to Florida.