hippo honk!

The other day at Starbucks I ordered a to-go grande half-caf soy no-whip pumpkin spice latte. YOW! Am I GENTRIFIED yet? That said, I really like their pumpkin spice lattes. Like everything else “pumpkin-flavoured” they taste of cinnamon and allspice, not pumpkin, but that’s fine because it tastes like pumpkin pie. Candice likes their maple ones but I can’t do that much maple ever since an overdose of little maple leaf sugar candies as a kid.

Waaaaaaaaaay back in May I told you that the bike I bought came with a horn that looked like a Happy Tree Friends character, and then I never took a picture of the damn horn. Wait no longer!

My favorite part about that horn, other than it being a cute cartoon hippo that squeaks, is that it was included from the factory with a matte-black “urban mountain bike”, and in the bike’s specs it’s listed as a “mystery horn”. I wonder what other horns got distributed with those bikes. The bike shop told me that most of the people who buy that bike decline the horn offer. Obviously those people don’t get it.

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