Testing lj2me

New crackberry (a 7290 to replace my old 957) for me! Now that I can run j2me apps, I’m trying out lj2me (Bri, mobilelj fails with a null pointer exception when I try to run it.)

Unfortunately I can’t IRC from it yet, because work blocks outbound IRC as “file trading software”. I should poke people about that.

10 responses to “Testing lj2me”

  1. feweebles, RIM has a site license for Idokoro’s ssh client. You shouldn’t need to purchase it. Call me on x5864 if you need more info.

    As for carriers blocking port access, it depends on the transport you use. If it’s WAP then the carrier has control. If it’s via your BES then your corporate IT policies have control. If it’s via RIM’s public web browsing proxy then RIM has control.